ZKWP I KHSWP – KHSWP Lashing chain

Two parts for perfect strength.

Also this lashing chain is used for a two-part system and it surpasses the requirements of EN 12195‑3 as it has a 50 % higher lashing capacity than standard G8 lashing chains. This lashing chain is built with clevis hooks. It comes in a modular design and a standard length of 3,500 mm. Other end fittings/combinations and delivery lengths are available upon request and with short delivery times.

Please note that the product must not be used for lifting or attaching loads. A full operating manual tells you all you need to know about how to use the chain to its best advantage. Make sure you also refer to the tables "Direct lashing" and "Frictional lashing" for a useful overview.

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Tabel cu specificații

ZKWP I KHSWP – KHSWP Lashing chain Code / Type LC lashing capacity
jaw size g1
Measurement Image ZKWP 7 200 I KHSWP-KHSWP 3500 47 3.500 36 6,15
ZKWP 8 200 I KHSWP-KHSWP 3500 60 3.500 36 7,05
ZKWP 10 200 I KHSWP-KHSWP 3500 100 3.500 41 11,82
ZKWP 13 200 I KHSWP-KHSWP 3500 160 3.500 49 21,08