CBHWI Connex ansamblu cu știft și siguranță

Because safety comes first.

Any whole is more than the sum of its parts – and this is particularly true for the high-quality combinations within the pewag portfolio. The CBHWI safety set that goes with the Connex connector consists of a stainless steel suspension bolt and a spiral spring (Mat. 1.4462) that is set in an enlarged synthetic sleeve for particularly easy fitting, ensuring that the suspension bolt always locks perfectly in place.

Variety of use: CBHWI bolts and safety bushes for grade 6 plus correspond to the design of CBHWI grade 5 and may therefore also be used as replacement parts. Please note the modified material properties of grade 6 plus!

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Tabel cu specificații

Code / Type for connecting link
CBHWI 5-6 CWI 5-6
CBHWI 6-6 CWI 6-6
CBHWI 7/8-6 CWI 7-6 + CWI 8-6
CBHWI 10-6 CWI 10-6
CBHWI 13-6 CWI 13-6
CBHWI 16-6 CWI 16-6