Bolț connex și siguranță

Quality assurance.

The spare parts set for CW Connex connecting links and CARW round sling connecting links know no compromises when it comes to safety. For this reason, we recommend replacing each safety set after it has been assembled/disassembled three times – quality assured! The bolt comes with a black corropro coating and looks rather unremarkable - however, its modest exterior hides an unsurpassed level of know-how and expertise!

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Tabel cu specificații

Code / Type For accessory part
CBHW 5 G10 CW 5
CBHW 6 G10 CW 6
CBHW 7 G10 CW 7
CBHW 8 G10 CW 8, CARW 8
CBHW 10 G10 CW 10, CARW 10
CBHW 13 G10 CW 13, CARW 13
CBHW 16 G10 CW 16, CARW 16
CBHW 19/20 G10 CW 19/20
CBHW 22 G10 CW 22, CARW 22
CBHW 32 G10 CW 32